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My name is Jeremy.Im an orphan who loves to draw and play video games,I thought that today would be an ordinary day but little did i know that it was not going to be ordinary.
I was sitting there,drawing a picture of what I imagined to be my foster parents,when I was heard someone come into my room,and I looked behind me,and I saw a woman with red hair,wearing a brown hat and brown coat.
"H-hello"I said with shyness.
"Well aren't you a handsome devil,"The woman said."What's your name?"
"My name's Jeremy"I said,still a bit shy.
"Nice to meet you Jeremy,my name is Bella,why don't you come here and tell me a bit about yourself?"She said.
"Well I love to draw,I like playing video games,and I like going outside to play,even though there's not much to do."I said.
"Well I think you would be a perfect son.Would you like to come home with me?"She said and I smiled and hugged her.
"Yes please!"I said happily.
After the papers were filled out,we went outside but I did not see a car.
"Where's your car?"I asked.
"Oh,I don't have a car.I sorta flew here."She said.
I tilted my head and asked,"What do you mean you flew here?"
"Come with me and I'll show you what I mean"She said and she took me behind the building,and took off her hat and coat,and I saw that she had wings and ears that normally belong to a latias."Hop on"She said and I did so.And when I did she flew us to a house a couple hours from the orphanage.
"Welcome to your new home Jeremy."She said with a smile and she unlocked the door."Your new father is dying to finally meet you"She said and when we went in she turned into an anthro latias and I backed up a bit."Its alright Jeremy,I'm not going to hurt you"She said and she kissed my forehead,and I calmed down a little.Then she went upstairs."Jay,there's someone I want you to meet."I heard her say and I sat down.I heard footsteps but it sounded like Bella's footsteps.
"Hello son."Said an anthro cobalion who was standing behind me.I couldn't help but gulp."Im not gonna eat you.Your our new child."He said and ruffled my hair.
"This is Jeremy"Said Bella,who flew downstairs and landed next to me.I was a little bit afraid,but Bella hugged me and I calmed down.I then noticed that it was 11:30,2 hours after dinner and I yawned.
"It sounds like he's tired Bella.But before he heads to bed,why dont we turn him into one of us?"Said Jay,and I gulped a bit.
"I think thats a great idea Jay.Well we should see what pokemon he wants to be."She said but I was not in the room."Where did he go?"
I was hiding in my room shaking,but it didnt take long for Bella to find me.
"Come on Jeremy,it will hardly hurt....What do you want to be?"She said as she dragged me out to the living room.I was too afraid to talk."I know!How about we make you an eevee?Then you could evolve into an Umbreon...Maybe..."She said while hugging me to calm me down.I was fond of eevee and umbreon.I wasn't going to turn this down.
"O.k." I said."Make me an eevee."
"I knew you would say yes."She said."Now this might hurt a bit,but it will be worth it in the end"She then used psychic on me and i felt brown hair growing all around my body,and a tail poked out of my back.My ears got longer and my collar became one that belonged to an eevee.My nails grew into claws and that ended the transformation.
"See?I told you that it would hurt a tiny bit."Said Bella and I smiled.
"Thanks Mom."I said and she hugged me.
Then I decided to head into my room to go to bed.Bella,or should I say Mom,went in with me and cuddled up to me.I couldn't help but smile.
I then knew that life was going to get better.
The epilouge to the tg tf that was requested by :iconthemask14: now i hope you all like it.Here is a link to the story.
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